AGE Governance

AGE Platform Europe is governed by the General Assembly composed of all AGE’s members, and by its elected representatives meeting in the Executive Committee and the Council of Administration.

Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee (ExCo) is responsible for providing policy guidance and for the daily management of the Platform and the staff management.

ExCo Members:

  • Heidrun Mollenkopf, President (DE)
  • Anthony Degiovanni, Vice President (MT)
  • Elena Weber, Vice President (EAN)
  • Jose-Luis Tejedor, Vice President (ES)
  • Christina Rogestam, Vice President (SE)
  • Jean-Michel Hôte, Treasurer (FR)

Council of Administration

The Council of Administration (CA) is responsible for the overall implementation of the work programme set by the General Assembly, the preparation of the annual budget and the policy decisions. It also examine the candidature files of full members or others prepared by the Accreditation Committee.
The members of the Council of Administration represent each one of the European Countries, the European organisations, and the European Federations of older people. They are elected at the General Assembly by the organisation of their country.

CA Full Members

National Organisations

  • Austria: Harald Glatz
  • Belgium: Maddie Geerts
  • Bulgaria: Evelina Dorzhinova
  • Croatia: Ines Vrban
  • Cyprus: Maria Dodou
  • Czech Republic: Jaroslav Lorman
  • Denmark: John Kirstein
  • Estonia: Andres Ergma
  • Finland: Filip Hamro-Drotz
  • France: Claude Waret / Colin Yeandle
  • Germany: Heidrun Mollenkopf / Barbara Kahler
  • Greece: Vassilis Louiziotis
  • Hungary: Agnes Bene
  • Ireland: Ciaran McKinney
  • Italy: Daniela Zilli / Claudio D’Antonangelo
  • Malta: Gaetan Naudi
  • Netherlands: Christine Nanlohy
  • Norway: Jan Davidsen
  • Poland: Piotr Nakonieczny
  • Portugal: Mafalda Duarte
  • Romania: vacant
  • Slovakia: Ľubica Gálisová
  • Slovenia: Tanja Mijatovic
  • Spain: Angel Yaguë Criado / Miguel Angel Cabra de Luna
  • Sweden: Martin Engman
  • Switzerland: Roland Grunder

European Federations

  • Alain Koskas (FIAPA)
  • Ghislaine van Halewyn (ESU)
  • Åsa Lindestam (NOPO)
  • Joseph Bertrand (ESO)

European Organisations

  • Maria Mannerholm (EAN)
  • Elizabeth Sclater (OWN Europe)

CA Substitute Members

National Organisations

  • Austria: Hilde Hawlicek
  • Belgium: Guido Cuyvers
  • Bulgaria: vacant
  • Croatia: vacant
  • Cyprus: vacant
  • Czech Republic: Jiří Hrabě
  • Denmark: vacant
  • Estonia: vacant
  • Finland: Raimo Ikonen
  • France: Bernard Bazot / Michèle Le Goff
  • Germany: Ina Voelcker / Sebastian Wegner
  • Greece: Maria Asteriou
  • Hungary: vacant
  • Ireland: Maureen Kavanagh
  • Italy: Loris Marchisio / Dario Paoletti
  • Malta: Anthony Degiovanni
  • Netherlands: Han Kooy
  • Norway: Arne Halaas
  • Poland: Katarzyna Otachel
  • Portugal: Maria João Azevedo
  • Romania: Vacant
  • Slovakia: Iveta Cereyova
  • Slovenia: Stevo Ščavničar
  • Spain: Maria Sacramento Pinazo-Hernandis / Jordi Romero
  • Sweden: Christina Rogestam
  • Switzerland: vacant

European Federations

  • Camille Gautard (FIAPA)
  • Leif Hallberg (ESU)
  • Frieda Ardies (ESO)

European Organisations

  • Vera Husáková (EAN)
  • Maria Petkova (OWN EUROPE)

Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee is responsible for examining applications to membership. 


  • Jean-Michel Hôte (FR)
  • John Kirstein (DK)
  • José-Luis Tejedor (ES)

General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the governing body in which all AGE members are represented. The General Assembly meets annually to adopt the work programme, budget and applications for membership. It elects the President who must come from an organisation “of” older people. All full Member organisations have voting rights.



Administration and Office Assistant

Nathalie organises AGE’s statutory meetings and assists the Office Manager and Project managers. She in charge of  the members website and of the database. 

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