AALIANCE2 final conference discusses how to implement Ambient Assisted Living in practice

The AALIANCE2 Final Conference on 26 March 2014 aimed to present the results achieved by the project and to disclose the future framework of the AALIANCE Network. Particularly, the new AALIANCE2 AAL Roadmap and Strategic Research Agenda and investigations on current standards related to Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) technologies was presented, as well as the results in building the AALIANCE2 network and market analysis and business models. The Roadmap contains very useful information on the context, the description of technologies and many aspects of implementing concretely AAL in Europe (standardisation, service design, ethics, etc.) Additionally a round table was organised for discussion and exchange of experiences from different stakeholders’ perspective.

Two AGE members, Helen Campbell (Age and Opportunity, Ireland) and Boris Koprivnikar (E.D.E and Association of Social Institutions of Slovenia, Slovenia) were invited on the panel to bring end users’ views on the use of new technologies in care and on ambient assisted living. Helen explained that the technology needs to serve the people, and went through various ethical issues to be taken into consideration. You may read Mrs Campbell’s speech here. Mr Koprivnikar explained three key issues on which the technology used by people should rely: ‘that we need it, we like it and that it serves the purpose’. He introduced theMATIJA initiative which aims at offering a central access point to a wide range of services with a single telephone number.

More information on AALIANCE2 is available at www.aaliance2.eu or by contacting Maude Luherne at maude.luherne@age-platform.eu

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