A Wrinkle in the Process: Financial Inclusion Barriers in an Ageing Europe

FinancialInclusionBarriers-Report-2021 This report by Finance Watch looks at vulnerability among older people in the European Union and the barriers they face that limit their access to basic, mainstream-market financial services and products appropriate to their needs in their communities.

Age limits, digitalisation and poverty or low income present the main barriers impacting the access of older people to a defined basic package of financial tools and services

The report reaffirms the importance for older people to access a basic package of financial tools and services that enable them to lead a normal social life in the society in which they belong. That package includes cash, a payments account, savings account, a safe third-pillar pension product, motor insurance, health insurance, home insurance and personal liability insurance. The study also provides a product-specific list of barriers and ways to lower them.

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