26 October: Celebrate the Accessibility Day and help identify accessible places around you!

Celebrate the Accessibility Day 2013 and
help identify accessible places around you!

  • When? on Saturday 26th October
  • Where? All over Europe, on an international scale, and down your street
  • How? Join or organise an Accessible Day event and/or add places to the Jaccede guide of accessible places (read more below)

The French non-profit association Jaccede.com created in 2006 a guide available on the internet (www.jaccede.com/fr) and as mobile application (Jaccede Mobile for iphone and Android) mapping the places accessible to people with reduced mobility in order to help them move around and take an active part in their community. This innovative application, which is directly fed by its users, now includes over 28000 places in France and abroad and is translated into 4 languages (FR, EN, ES and DE).
Jaccede.com is supporting the third edition of the Accessibility Day on 26th October with volunteers in several French and European cities. Everyone is free to take part all over Eurooe in organising a local event or in sending information or comment on accessible places around him/her using the Jaccede Mobile
Whether in your area, your town, or your country, the idea is to organise an event to gather information about accessible places and businesses, whilst raising awareness about accessibility issues and trying to encourage support from the general population and decision-makers.

What is an Accessibility Day ?
A day to celebrate accessibility for everyone to all places open to the public, by adding them to the easy-to-use online or smartphone guide, and talk about a subject which can affect us all at some point.

How can you take part ?
Download the app, get out and about on the 26th October to identify the accessibility of places around you, and add them to the guide via your smartphone, complete with accessibility information, descriptions and photos. The guide is a useful tool for up to 1/3 of the population, who are directly concerned by limited mobility or disability.

Keep the ball rolling and the wheels turning via social media : follow Jaccede.com and share your comment on Facebook or Twitter.

Read more in English in this flyer

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