2015 is the European Year of Development

EYD2015 logoThe European Year for Development 2015 (EYD215) was officially launched by the Latvian Presidency in Riga on 8 January 2015. Under the title “Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future”, this is first time a European Year is dedicated to a global theme.

The Year will aim to keep European citizens informed of the EU’s development cooperation policy, increase the visibility of the results obtained so far, boost citizens’ involvement, and develop among EU citizens and those of the countries receiving aid a sense of joint responsibility and solidarity, as well as of the opportunities offered by development.

In his speech, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker highlighted the interdependence of our world and the need “to foster the direct engagement of our citizens” in development. He also referred to the work still to be done regarding the respect of fundamental rights and the objective of the global post-2015 programme of eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable development.

The Commissioner for Environment, Karmenu Vella, further pointed out that ‘achieving growth, reducing poverty, and preserving our environment, are part and parcel of the same agenda’ and that the issue of environmental protection is a both social and economic imperative, as well as a ‘moral commitment to future generations’.

During the year, each month will be devoted to a different theme:

      • January – “Europe in the world”
      • February – “Education”
      • March – “Women and Girls”
      • April – “Health
      • May – “Peace and Security”
      • June – “Sustainable green growth, decent jobs and businesses”
      • July – “Children and youth”
      • August – “Humanitarian aid”
      • September – “Demography and migration”
      • October – “Food security”
      • November – “Sustainable development and climate action”
      • December – “Human rights and governance”

The April and September themes are particularly relevant for older people.

Read the European Commission’s press release here

Link to the EYD215 website: https://europa.eu/eyd2015

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