2013 Peer Review on the right to retirement pension information

Peer Review “The right to retirement pension information”, Madrid, Spain, 2-3 July 2013

AGE participated in this peer review whose objective was to exchange between the host and guest countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) to learn from each other’s experience on providing people with information on pensions that empowers them to act in the best way to secure an adequate income in their retirement. This peer country exchange was completed by discussion with two external stakeholders, AGE Platform Europe, and the European Social Insurance Platform.

In its written contribution AGE pledged for an improved financial literacy and guarantee of access to reliable information for both younger generations and pre-retirees. These are prerequisite for informed and forward-looking retirement planning and, in fine, for the safeguard of citizens’ financial security and quality of life in old age.

AGE also insisted on a shared responsibility in providing information on pensions. Older people’s organisations can help improve the understanding of pension reforms. Transparency and reliability are key elements to raise citizens’ awareness about pensions systems, as well as to build support for new approaches when reforming them. All relevant actors, governments, pension funds, employers, trade unions and the financial community should recognise their common duty in providing such information to people throughout the whole working life.

For more information about the meeting, individual country and stakeholder contributions, as well the final report, please see:


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