YouTube video keeps Japan’s seniors in shape during Covid-19 confinement

Not spared by the spread of Covid-19, Japan, like many other countries worldwide, has taken confinement measures to help stop the further transmission of the virus. The situation is all the more serious as older people are particularly vulnerable to the effect of the disease and Japan has the world’s oldest population, with more than 28% aged 65 or over.

In order to keep older Japanese physically active at home, a workout video by the care-home operator Human Life Care, “Human Taiso” (Human Exercise), has been made available to the public via YouTube.

“I know there are people that take walks, but at a time like this, people tend to avoid going out,” said Satoshi Matsuzaka, strategy department manager at Human Life Care. “I hope people can exercise at home with this exercise.”

The five-minute video features exercises and stretches designed to boost blood flow and strengthen the feet and back muscles.

Read more and watch the video here


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