‘What do fundamental rights mean for people in the EU? – FRA survey report

FRA-2020-fundamental-rights-survey-Jun20-cover The ‘What do fundamental rights mean for people in the EU?’ report reveals that 88% of people in the EU believe that human rights help create fairer societies, “it is alarming how many young Europeans or those who struggle to make ends meet feel abandoned by human rights. Human rights are for everyone and nobody should feel left behind”, says Michael O’Flaherty, the Director of the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) in a press release. “The number of people who feel disenchanted by corruption and how our democratic society works should prompt EU countries to take action. We all have a duty to ensure that human rights bring tangible benefits to each and everyone of us, no matter who you are.”

The report presents some findings from survey carried out by FRA among 35,000 people to collect their opinions about human – or fundamental – rights issues and their views and perceptions on the functioning of democratic societies. The findings namely raise important issues that need addressing.

Access the report here

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