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Traffic and Mobility Plan

The community of Odense (Denmark) has just launched a new Traffic and Mobility Plan which gives a unique opportunity to create a new, livable city. The plan focuses on giving better opportunities to citizens to walk, cycle and use public transport as an alternative to the car. The city wants to reduce car traffic primarily by prevent cars without an errand to go through the city. More of the small parking places will be transformed into places, which will give citizens a chance to take a break, rest, or look at different kinds of activity such as music, theatre etc.

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The Easy-Going project (Germany)

The goal of the Easy Goin Projectis to bring together existing scientific expertise, practical ideas and creativity potentials in the field of barrier-free mobility. Barrier-free mobility means that both the structural environment and the transportation system can be used by as many people as possible without requesting external assistance (in the sense of a “design for all”-concept). The project “easy-going” is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transportation, Construction and Urban Development (BMVBS) within its innovation programme “Economy meets Science” (grant no. 03WWBE057A).

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MEthodology for Describing the Accessibility of Transport in Europe aims to establish a common European methodology for measuring accessibility to public transport. The aim of this EU funded project is to contribute to the creation of inclusive transport systems providing better and easier access for all citizens.

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