Survey on the use of the European Social Charter by national older people’s organisations


The Council of Europe is currently working on a publication on how the European Social Charter is used to protect and promote the rights of older people and how its application could be improved in the future. For this reason, they would like to know whether NGOs and other organisations representing older persons across Europe know and use the European Social Charter. They would also like to see how the engagement of older people’s organisations with relevant processes of the Council of Europe can be enhanced.

Why is this survey important?

The publication will be translated in several languages and can be used by older people’s organisation to promote and defend older people’s rights in their country. Similar questionnaires will be sent to responsible ministries and to national human rights institutions and national equality bodies, so the views of older people’s organisations will complement those of other actors at national level.

What you can do

Representatives of older people’s organisations can answer this online questionnaire by 22 December 2020.

About the European Social Charter

The European Social Charter is an instrument of the Council of Europe, which includes the first ever legally binding agreement of states to protect and promote the rights of older people (Article 23 on the rights of the elderly).
A committee of experts (Committee of Social Rights) examines states’ compliance with the Charter. NGOs (including AGE) can lodge collective complaints about cases where national laws and policies are violating the rights of the Charter. Additionally, the Committee examines reports submitted by States and civil society and delivers conclusions and recommendations about what governments can do to better implement the rights of the Charter.

Learn more about the European Social Charter here

For more information, you may contact Nena Georgantzi, AGE Policy Coordinator on Human Rights & Non-Discrimination,

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