Spanish Red Cross strengthens attention to the most vulnerable to COVID-19


Since the beginning of the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus, the Spanish Red Cross has implemented different actions to contribute to the containment of the epidemic and take care of the most vulnerable.

One of the most important measures that AGE Spanish member organisation has implemented to support the people most at risk has been to launch an information campaign aimed at more than 400,000 people identified as being especially vulnerable to the coronavirus, from among the 4 million people that the organisation serves annually in all its programmes (education, environment, among others): older people, people with disabilities or chronic diseases. The fundamental objective is to inform them of the basic guidelines for prevention and to monitor their state of health by telephone. Through these follow-up calls, the Spanish Red Cross wants to make sure that they have the basic prevention guidelines and recommendations, and remind them that the humanitarian organisation is by their side in case they need it.

SpanishRedCross_Javier_Senent_onCovid19 We know that accurate information and human solidarity are the most effective response to support people who may be affected,” said Javier Senent, president of the Spanish Red Cross.

At the same time, the capacities of the teams and resources available throughout the territory have been strengthened, along with training on the self-protection of the personnel, the basic hygiene measures, as well as the transmission of key messages and the fight against stigma.

“To reinforce this intervention with the most vulnerable people, as it could not be otherwise, Red Cross volunteerism is our main value; we appeal to them to join the actions that the Organisation has implemented and will be implementing according to the evolution of the situation,” says Javier Senent.
The Spanish Red Cross has more than 200,000 volunteers in more than 1,400 towns and cities throughout Spain.

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SpanishRedCross-Covid19-training-image At the same time, the Red Cross has made available to the entire population an online course on the Coronavirus, which provides basic information on COVID-19 so that they can acquire essential knowledge to prevent its spread, recalling the importance to always go to official sources and health authorities for information.

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