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Intergenerational Program of the department of Older People – Torrejón de Ardoz

These intergenerational activities seek to enhance community participation of older people and advance the mutual knowledge between generations. Within the context of learning throughout life, it intends to show the younger generations the importance of maintaining intellectual and physical activity. Activities include games between the kids and the older people inside the classroom, as well as having both groups visit the exposition of works by the older people in the plaza.

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The organisation « Réseau InterGénération Via Internet » provides older people with training courses on how to use the Internet and the computer. The aim of the courses is to help participants, already active in their communities, better participate in the society. Therefore, the organisation pays particular attention to the relationship between the participants and their family and friends.
After some months of training, almost all participants can send annexes by e-mail, zip a picture, create a folder, surf on the internet. Some of the participants can also use Excel, create video-clips, and participate in a forum on-line on the website of a partner of the organisation (Réseau d’Information des Aînés du Quebec).

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GAP – Grassmoor Allotment Project

Grassmoor Allotment Prjoect is an intergenerational gardening project in England. In Derbyshirer (England) this community intergenerational allotment project promotes health and wellbeing in a creative way whilst developing gardening skills. The young and not so young work together in a positive way, sharing experieces and ultimately challenging the stereotypical portrayal of the opposite generation.

The model developed required all generations involved to co-operate in the design of an allotment and the crop planting that will take place over each of the seasons. The fruit and vegetables, grown on the allotment, are either taken home by the children to encourage healthy eating in the family or used to supplement the school kitchen. Exercise and a healthy diet are also an intrinsic part of the agenda.

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Video of Generations

A German Intergenerational Media Award

Video of Generations presents the diversity of authentic lifestyles of young and of older people and the appeals against taboos, stereotypes and prejudices. The creative media work has proven to be a “catalyst” in conjunction with the dialogue of generations.

Video of Generations provides a forum to encourage the dialogue between the younger and the older generations. The pedagogical intention of the project is to identify common ground and to discover that differences can be mutually valuable.

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