Short policy recommendations to promote active & healthy ageing with digital solutions


Following the recently adopted Council of the European Union’s Conclusions on Mainstreaming Ageing in Public Policies by the initiative of the Portuguese Presidency, and in line with the Council’s Conclusions adopted on 9 October 2020 under the German Presidency, the European project NESTORE is happy to release its first version of policy recommendations drafted with the support of AGE. We hope those recommendations will contribute the European debate on promoting human rights in old age and support a mainstreamed approach to digital solutions in order to cope with the demographic challenges.

NESTORE-infographic_policy-recommendations-Mar21 This infographic provides a quick glimpse into a more extensive deliverable, built on the experience of the project and touching issues like ageism, inequalities, co-creation, data management and decision making in the era of artificial intelligence. These policy guidelines will aim to sustain the debate around the Europe’s Digital Decade.

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