SEED sets up first Silver Economy Awards

With the new challenges linked to the demographic change, older people have sharper needs and expectations to be met. Usually, these expectations are not fulfilled and a clear gap remains in the supply and the demand. Therefore, the European Union is currently encouraging national and regional governments to contribute to meeting the high-level policy objectives mentioned in the ‘Health, Demographic Change and Well-being’ work programme, namely to promote healthy and active ageing, to promote market growth, job creation, and the EU as a global leader in the health area.

It thus comes as no surprise that one of the sectors encouraged at the moment is probably the Silver Economy, as it provides solutions to the 50+ needs and encompasses many different fields that will enable them to remain active, healthy and independent.

AGE Platform Europe, together with other EU stakeholders[1], is setting up the first Silver Economy Awards, powered by the EU-funded SEED project. This first European-level awards scheme will involve members of the European Covenant on Demographic Change in a peer review selection process, and will seek to reward innovative and creative digital supported solutions that demonstrate a significant impact on the improvement of the quality of life of the ageing population; support the creation of age-friendly environments across Europe; create a pan-European movement that acknowledges and exploits the opportunities brought about by demographic change and innovation; and mobilise many different actors (social entrepreneurs, citizens, designers, brand retailers, researchers…) and economic sectors. At the end of the project, we aim to hand over the Silver Economy Awards to the European Covenant on Demographic Change for the future editions.

The Silver Economy Awards is aimed at (i) public authorities, (ii) non-for-profit / non-governmental organisations, and (iii) for-profit organisations responding to opportunities for our ageing population with game-changing solutions and addressing challenges related to the built environment; transport; housing; social participation; respect and social inclusion; civic participation and employment; communication; and community support and health services.

The Submissions will be open in the summer 2017. The submitted applications will undergo a three-level selection process where the final winners will be announced in spring 2018 at the first Silver Economy Awards Ceremony. You can register your interest here and follow the Silver Economy Awards work.


Any similar awards happening in your country? Share it with us
Knowing about existing initiatives will help us better shape the Silver Economy Awards in the long run. As often said, there is no use in reinventing the wheel.


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