Promoting Public Transportation Use for Older People

Promoting Public Transportation Use for Older People

Salzburg, Austria has taken a leading role in ensuring that its older population remains mobile through the use of public transport. This campaign, which began in 2004, and continues to evolve, is spearheaded by the local transport operator (StadtBus) and Zentrum fur Generationen & Barrierefreiheit (ZGB), the Centre for Genertions and Accessibility. Its main goals have been to make public transport more accessible and easier for older people to use, to reduce the number of accidents on public transport, and to raise awareness of the needs of older people. Some of the ways it has done this has been by hosting mobility days, travel training days for older passengers, and training for public transport personnel. Such practices aid in the promotion of active ageing, as older persons can commute independently, frequently, and confidently.

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