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Adding life to years: enabling older people to be and to do what they value most


Life expectancy at birth in the EU is estimated at 80.9 years while healthy life year expectancy is estimated at 63.7 years (Eurostat, 2017).

Longer lives are one of the most remarkable collective achievements at EU level. There are however great inequities in longevity so that good health in older age is not distributed equally. These are linked to many different factors starting with the socio-economic background as well as the environmental conditions.


Health is crucial to how we experience older age (WHO)

Health promotion and disease prevention are still not enough prioritised, while people living longer in good health can more easily continue to participate and be an integral part of the society. They face less social isolation and dependency on care.

We believe it is crucial to better invest in health promotion and disease prevention supporting healthy ageing across life course. Likewise, we promote equal access to quality and adequate healthcare, including for older persons.

This policy area covers notably health promotion and disease prevention, physical and mental health, digital health, medicines in older people.


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