Policy seminar agrees on need to change old age narrative to address exclusion


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AGE looked at the multidimensional aspect of social exclusion in later life at a European policy seminar hosted by the ROSEnet COST action in Barcelona on 25 October. We insisted on the importance of a new narrative that generates a more positive, human rights-based perception of older persons.

ROSEnet is an innovative networking partnership between policy stakeholders, researchers and older people from 41 countries, involving over 170 members. It aims to overcome critical knowledge gaps in research and policy to tackle social exclusion amongst older people in Europe. During the one-day policy seminar held in Barcelona different forms of old-age social exclusion were addressed, including economic, social, services, civic, and community and spatial, based on research evidence and innovative policy approaches.

AGE Policy Coordinator on Human Rights and Non-Discrimination, Nena Georgantzi, participated in a panel discussion focusing on opportunities for policy makers and practitioners to reduce multifaceted forms of disadvantage like social exclusion in later life. During the interaction with the audience a key theme emerged: the need to move away from negative notions of disadvantage that may result into further exclusion and marginalisation. Nena suggested reframing policies based on human rights as a concrete way to achieve this change of narrative. She explained that the human rights frame helps us see the whole person, instead of focusing merely on the deficits and needs. Additionally, international human rights norms can be used to challenge exclusionary practices, as it creates accountability for national governments.

The rest of the programme included presentations both from a national, as well as European and global perspectives. Research was presented both as evidence of inequality and disadvantage, but also as the starting point for devising appropriate policies. Attention was given to multiple forms of disadvantage and settings, which raise particular challenges in the context of digitalisation, homelessness, institutional care and others.

> The agenda of the seminar can be found here

> More information on ROSEnet: https://rosenetcost.com/

For additional information, please contact Nena Georgantzi, nena.georgantzi@age-platform.eu


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