Ageism has no place in the EU!

On the International Day of Older Persons, and ahead of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we urge for a renewed political commitment to make the EU rhetoric on equal rights a living reality for the Europeans of all ages!

A European model for sustainable and quality working lives: What is at stake?

Special Briefing – July 2023 Read our July newsletter On 7 June 2023, we held our Annual Conference to discuss A European model for sustainable working lives. During the conference, AGE members, partners and allies discussed the existing challenges, the key concepts to implement, and the changes needed to make this model a reality, in […]

29 April – Let’s celebrate Solidarity between Generations!

On 29th April we will be celebrating the EU Day of Solidarity between Generations, launched for the first time in 2009. The successive crises that we have been through over the recent years have made the issue more topical than ever, reminding us how critical intergenerational cooperation and solidarity is in an increasingly divided and […]

The complex gender face of digital exclusion in old age

Contribution from OWN Europe to International Women’s Day, 8 March 2023 Europe is the most digitally connected region in the world with nearly 90% of the population being online[1]. While most policy makers look proudly at this achievement, this general figure hides huge disparities between countries and population subgroups. Large numbers of people in Europe […]

Drawing lessons from COVID to safeguard democracy and fundamental rights in the EU

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered radical and unprecedented measures in Europe and around the world. Some of these measures have been pointed out as violating basic human rights. Three years after the outbreak of the pandemic in Europe, the European Parliament is looking at the impact of EU’s response on democracy and fundamental rights and […]

2023: Paving the way for a new vision of age

After two years of a pandemic that took a heavy toll on the population and shook the economy in Europe and the world, we were hoping for some respite last year. But the Russian invasion of Ukraine came as a brutal clash with our peaceful reality, and its multiple consequences has put an increasing number […]

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: ways forward

On the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and after two years of COVID-19 pandemic, which exposed the massive phenomenon of abuse in older age, can we hope for positive developments towards ensuring dignity in old age?

Older people’s human rights: civil society deplores the lack of involvement of Member States in adopting a UN convention

Despite massive mobilisation from civil society for the 12th session of the United Nations Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing, governments showed little commitment towards the creation of an international legally binding instrument. However, some advancements marked this year’s edition: the stronger call by some EU member states in favour of a United Nations’ Convention on […]

Adequate housing in older age

photo (cropped) by Skiathos Greece on Unsplash Housing has been identified as one of the key social determinants of health shaping the way people live and age. Ensuring adequate housing should therefore be a priority concern in our ageing society. But what are the challenges and barriers faced by older persons in accessing adequate and […]

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