New mobile application to detect Covid 19 in Catalonia


StopCovid19Cat is a new application for mobile devices that will monitor the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in Catalonia. The new technology tool will help detect the disease, track patients, see how the pandemic is evolving, and encourage better decision-making.

Citizens can download the app and, after a short accreditation process, monitor their health without leaving their house and overburdening the health services. It will offer to people who have specific symptoms of COVID (fever, cough, shortness of breath, general malaise, etc.) a simple test, which will provide information on their health conditions. The health care system will then receive this information, and each of the care devices will take the necessary actions to ensure that the person receives the best care. Different health devices will be activated, depending on the patient’s conditions: e.g. the Medical Emergency System (SEM) or primary care, .

The app will also allow patients to be tracked over time, gaining greater knowledge about the evolution of the pandemic nationwide and by population.

StopCovid19Cat-HealthMinister_presentation-Mar20 As the director of the Citizenship Area of ​​the Catalan Health Service, Rosa Romà, emphasized at a press conference on 18 March, the information that will be dumped in the mobile application will be “fully encrypted” and “will allow to draw up a patient profile in relation to its symptoms”. It will also indicate if you have previous pathologies or if you are in the process of gestation or postpartum, etc. In this way, “citizens will be able to receive specific attention because of their situation and the evolution of their state of health.”

The app will be available for all platforms.

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