New French label for ‘senior-friendly’ products

French label senior-friendly A new logo ‘Testé et approuvé par les Seniors’ (Tested and approved by seniors) has been created in France by AFNOR Certification to help identify user-friendly products that are designed to be used by everyone including people aged over 60. Tests are carried out in a real-life situation by a panel of older consumers (60+) and ergonomists following a multi-dimensional approach based on a range of 13 criteria and a scoring grid from 0 to 10.

The label can be granted to a large variety of products as long as they passed the tests: telephone, washing machine, application, furniture, lightening systems, etc.

In the same way as a place that is accessible to persons with reduced mobility is also more accessible to other users, and a website designed for visitors with visual impairments is more comfortable for persons without visual trouble, a product labelled with ‘Testé et approuvé par les Seniors’ will be friendlier to use by all.

Read more in French in AFNOR press release

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