New FRA research project will address ageing and digitalization

In 2022 the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) is planning to do research on “Ageing in Digital Societies”, using a fundamental-rights perspective to ensure older people’s rights are enforceable in practice.

FRA_logo As a several survey by the FRA demonstrated, the frequency of internet use is lower among older people. Yet, in a context of increasing digitalization of services, it is almost impossible to access public services in many EU countries if you are not online.

In response to this, the Fundamental Rights Agency will run a new research project that will:

  • examine online and offline public services for older people and the provisions in law and practice
  • recognize intersectionality (multiple discrimination)
  • map legal and policy provisions at Member State level
  • involve rights holders, including older people.

As part of this targeted research, FRA will collect evidence on the extent and nature of provisions for older people with respect to access to online and offline public services. It will use a fundamental perspective to ensure rights are enforceable in practice.

This research follows the conclusions of a FRA’s opinion published in April 2021 on the implementation of the Equality Directive in the EU. This opinion refers to gaps in equality protection under EU laws, including on the ground of age, which is underserved in comparison with some other grounds.

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