New EU project to challenge ageism through online educational gaming

SAA-logo Negative attitudes about ageing and older age make life on average 7,5 years shorter and hinder older people’s inclusion and participation in society. Improving the image of ageing and addressing age stereotypes is therefore a priority issue for an ageing society.

The Erasmus+ project ‘Smart against Ageism (SAA)’ (January 2022 – June 2024) aims for a better social inclusion of older adults through an educational online game to raise awareness on ageism and to make the players understand the perspectives of people experiencing ageism, to promote empathy, tolerance, respect and civic skills. The SAA educational game will be oriented at the needs of volunteers, formal and informal carers, assistants, staff with diverse professional backgrounds (janitors, social workers, etc.), and family members of older adults.

Together with 5 other European partners, AGE will contribute to the following outputs:

  • The compendium ‘Responding to ageism’, gathering personal experiences of age discrimination and strategies to deal with ageism.
  • An interactive learning platform with the SAA game at its core, accompanied by a library and materials for adult educators.
  • A toolkit for trainers including a curriculum and trainer manual with instructions on how to make use of the game.
  • Recommendations on how to promote diversity and empathy for victims of ageism and facilitate the usage of the game and the learning platform.

For more information on SAA, visit our project page or contact Ilenia Gheno,

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