“Myth Busts” for Ageing Societies: virtual Press Hour


11 December 2023

Have you ever caught yourself speaking about “generations” as if they were different species? You are not alone. Labels like “boomers” and “generation X, Y, Z, …” are incredibly popular in public discourse these days. Unfortunately, these labels give us warped ideas about ageing.
First, they suggest conflicts which may not necessarily exist. Second, they reinforce “good/bad” binaries. Paired with misconceptions and ageism, this has led to a number of persistent myths around the idea of “getting older”.

These myths are not only harmful, but also prevent us from talking openly and without fear about our future.
To counter these myths, the EU-funded “FutuRes” research project is launching the series “Myth Busting for Ageing Societies” in which experts unpack a commonly believed ageing myth with a current research perspective.



Ilenia Gheno

Project Manager

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