More should be done to protect older people fundamental rights states FRA Annual Report


‘The fundamental rights of older people need to be better protected’
concludes the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) on the occasion of the publication of FRA Annual Report 2018.

FRA_AnnualReport2018-Ageing The report dedicates its focus chapter to equal treatment for older people and respect for their fundamental rights. In this chapter, FRA describes the impacts of ageism on individuals and society as a whole and calls for a ‘rights-based’ approach to ageing, reminding that the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights apply to everyone, regardless of age.

While acknowledging the EU’s increasing efforts towards a human rights-approach to ageing, the FRA furthermore calls for the adoption of the proposed EU Equal Treatment Horizontal Directive and for a better use of EU funds to help promote older persons’ rights.

We welcome this report which is fully in line with AGE positions!

Read FRA press release

Read a summary of the report here

Download the focus chapter: Shifting perceptions: towards a rights-based approach to ageing

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