Mobile for Good Europe Awards: And the winners are…

Vodaphone closing ceremony Nov213

Winners of the Vodafone Foundation Mobile for Good Europe Awards

The winners of the Mobile for Good Europe Awards, organised by the Vodafone Foundation with the support of AGE Platform Europe and the European Disability Forum (EDF) were unvealed during a ceremony in Brussels on 5 December. The first-prize winners for each of the 4 categories are: Color ADD (accessibility) which enables colour blind people to recognize and identify colours in their everyday lives; Contigo (health) which supports women with breast cancer; Dyseggxia (education) improving the performances of children with dyslexia; Bribespot (mobilizing public services) for reporting and tracking petty bribes and corruption online using an interactive map.

The list of all winners is available on the contest website at:

Videos presenting the different projects can be viewed following:

The winner in each category will be awarded €30,000 prize money to further develop their project, while the second place position will be granted €15,000 and third place €5,000.

Since 2011 AGE has been actively supporting this competition aiming to promote the development of new mobile applications which can improve the quality of life of people with disabilities or older people and help them take an active part in society. This initiative is a good example of what private companies can do to promote a more inclusive society in which everyone is empowered to take part and contribute, whatever his/her age and/or capacities.

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