Manifesto for European Parliament Elections 2019


Ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections in May 2019, older people and their organisations across the EU adopted their Manifesto during their General Assembly in June 2018. In this Manifesto, AGE members provides recommendations to MEP candidates to help enforce older persons’ equal rights to take an active part in society and to live and age in dignity.

Why this Manifesto?

Europe needs to tackle its demographic challenge in a fair and sustainable way and fulfil the pledge to leave no one behind. To achieve this, the European Union must be driven by its citizens towards actions that will embody our common core values of non-discrimination, equality and solidarity.
The elections of the new European Parliament in May 2019 come at a turning point for the European Union which must urgently reconnect with its citizens and represent their interest, including the one of its older citizens that makes up a rapidly growing share of the EU population.

AGE 7 key recommendations

AGE Platform Europe calls on the European Parliament to foster initiatives that will protect the rights of Europeans at any age. Respect for dignity and autonomy are universal human rights that are central prerequisites to effective and meaningful participation in society. We propose 7 ideas that will help preserve older citizens’ right to work and engage as active citizens in local communities, to access adequate social protection and care, as well as the right to live a later life free from discrimination and abuse.

  1. Enhance older persons’ rights through combating ageism and age discrimination
  2. Ensure a life-course perspective on work and create inclusive labour markets
  3. Ensure adequate pension and old-age income for both women and men
  4. Protect the right to live and age in dignity through adequate person-centred health and long-term care accessible to all
  5. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages
  6. Enable universal access to goods and services in today’s digitalised society including for older persons
  7. Empower older citizens to fully participate in the social and democratic life

Read AGE full Manifesto here
Lire le Manifeste de AGE complet en français

A shorter two-page version is also available in English and French

AGE Manifesto has been translated by our members into:

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