Make us social advisory partners of upcoming EU investment programme!


AGE and the seven other organisations from the social sector that make up the “Steering Board for Social Infrastructure” should become a formal Advisory Partner of InvestEU to ensure
positive social impact of future EU investments.

This was one of the recommendations made at the European Parliament seminar “InvestEU & the Economy of Well-being: making the most of local know-how”, hosted by Mr Alfred Sant MEP on 4th December as part of the Lifelong Learning Week 2019.

Read our joint press release and our joint positionInvestEU and the Economy of Wellbeing: making the most of local know-how’

The InvestEU programme is the new Fund for 2021-2017 proposed by the European Commission in 2018 to boost job and innovation in Europe (read the EC press release). In response to that proposal, the main representatives of the social services, health, education, social housing and ageing sectors at European level joined forces and created the Steering Board for Social Infrastructure. The objective of the group is to help unlock investment into local social infrastructure projects aimed to further improve the quality of service provision in EU countries.

Future EU funding will be strategic to address the most pressing societal challenges that Europe is facing. AGE wants to make sure the human rights dimension and the growing need for quality long-term care will be central to the discussions.

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