Local intergenerational activities in Belgium

The Local Council of Seniors of the City of Mechelen (Belgium) is organizing and supporting a number of local intergenerational activities to mark the European Day of Solidarity between Generations:

  • Each year a breakfast is organized in the home Hof van Egmont in Mechelen by the local Council of Seniors in cooperation with 12-14 years old pupils of the SHIL School, Louizastraat, 4, 2800 Mechelen. The pupils are bringing older persons with disabilities from their rooms – especially those in wheelchairs – to the tables. The youngsters are serving the breakfast for the older persons. A delegation of the local Council of Seniors is the habitants of the home keeping company.
  • Mr Pepermans, Director of the SHIL-School, Louizastraat, 4, 2800 Mechelen, composes and organizes every year a musical for the parents and other family members of the pupils and also one day for older persons and disabled people of the town. The pupils are dancing and singing in the show.
  • In 2015 the local Council of Seniors is organizing an inquiry with older persons in order to gather information about their experiences with youth and how they are valuing them. In 2014, a similar inquiry was carried out in the schools and institutes in order to gather information from the pupils and students about their experiences with older people and how they were valuing them. This inquiry was very fruitful and produced much information in regard to intergenerational relations. The outcome of both enquiries will be used to help strengthen intergenerational relations and cooperation in Mechelen.

For more information, you may contact: Georgette De Wit: georgette.de.wit@telenet.be

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