Les petits frères des Pauvres contributes to new report on ageism submitted to French government

French_report_ageism_Dec2020_cover A recent report on addressing demographic transition and fighting ageism in France has been drafted upon request of the French Prime Minister. The report proposes policy action to tackle age discrimination and stereotyping, namely in strengthening older persons’ changing our image of old age and building stronger intergenerational relationship.

“In France, as in Europe, ageist discrimination has been observed and proven”, stated Mrs Audrey Dufeu Schubert, MP for Loire-Atlantique (France) and author of the report. This is why we need to review the preconceived behaviours and representations linked to advancing age as well as the ‘paternalism’ with which older persons are treated. Old age is a ‘homogenising’ social construction that needs to be deconstructed so that everyone can find a place that suits them.”

You can download the full report (in French) here. Read the press statement here

Monalisa FR logo The report includes a strong reference to the Monalisa Charter that was initiated and drafted with the cooperation of AGE French member organisation Les petits frères des Pauvres in 2012.

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