International Women’s Day – AGE warns of rising gender pension gap!

GenderEqualityWith a gender pension gap standing at almost 40 %, as highlighted last year in the Pension Adequacy Report of the European Commission, AGE seizes the occasion of the International Women’s Day and this year’s topic ‘Pledge for Parity’ to remind the persisting inequalities affecting women across the European Union. Those tend to accumulate over the life course, leading to a much higher risk of poverty and social exclusion among older women.

AGE warns that this gap is more likely to be reinforced by the recent pension reforms and calls for measures to better reconciliate of work and family life and to compensate, in terms of pension rights, career break and working time reduction for legitimate reasons such as informal care.

Read more in our press release and March’s Special briefing

To know more about the European Commission’s contribution to promote gender equality, read this Question&Answers document.

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