International Day of Families: Equality starts at home!


Under the motto Family is teamwork: equality starts at home, the #FamilyTeamwork campaign emphasizes the role of families in supporting gender equality.

Statistics show that unpaid care and household work are still mainly carried out by women.

94 % of employed women are involved in at least one unpaid care work activity at least several times a week, compared with 70 % of employed men and 93 % of women and 53 % of men regularly undertaking housework tasks. This gender care gap has negative impact throughout women’s lives: parental burnout, gender pay gap, pension gap, harmful stereotypes.

Ahead of the International Day of Families on 15 May 2022, COFACE Families Europe and Men Engage Eastern Europe & Central Asia have launched a campaign to get families reflecting on how to share tasks and care work. The purpose is to address unequal gender roles and gender stereotypes and their transmission to the next generation. Bingo cards and a task planner have been developed to support this reflection and get the conversation started on who does what.

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