Intergenerational digital learning sessions in Italy

nonni-in-rete-logo How can we simplify our lives thanks to new ICT technology? In a few Italian cities, the protagonists of “Grandparents On-line, Everyone’s Young at the Post Office” explain it to senior citizens who wish to discover who to use public administration services that are available via computers, tablets and smartphones.

The project is based on a strategic alliance between Poste Italiane, which promotes equal access to its new digital services, and the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, which promotes the diffusion of new technology amongst categories at risk of social and digital exclusion. It has a double objective: promoting an active lifestyle amongst the elderly and promoting the inclusion all citizens in the transition from a traditional to a digital economy, exploiting the precious contribution of young men and women to fight social and technological exclusion of over-65s and reducing the Italian digital divide.

The digital literacy programme devised for over-65s was based on 15 two-hour lessons. The lessons, which ranged from the ABC of computers to on-line services, were held by student tutors (one for each senior student) coordinated by a teacher, who provided older people with the necessary competences to use new technology. Participants had access to a full educational kit, including manuals, video lessons and short lessons.

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