ILC reports on health inequalities among older LGBT people in the UK

RaisingTheEqualityFlag-ILC_report2019-cover In May 2019 the International Longevity Centre UK (ILC) published a report based on a project conducted by researchers at the University College London (UCL), Cardiff University and ILC.

The report shows that LGBT men and women aged 50+ have poorer self-rated health and are more likely to have other conditions that impact their health and wellbeing. It concludes that action is needed to address these health inequalities for older LGBT people through improving the inclusivity of mainstream health and care provision, strengthening the training of health and care staff and enhancing data collection around older LGBT people care needs.

“It is disheartening that in 2019 we continue to see health inequalities between older LGBT people and their heterosexual and cisgender peers”, states Dr Brian Beach, ILC Senior Research Fellow.

Download ILC report ‘Raising the equality flag’

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