Home Refurbishment Programme in Barcelona

ArranjamentHabitatges_ES-logo The purpose of the Habitat Arrangement Programme is to support older people’s independent living at home and delay the need for institutionalisation. Developed in collaboration with the local authorities in the Barcelona province area, the programme provides supports to localities for carrying out refurbishment work in the homes of the most vulnerable older people, so as to guarantee the minimum conditions of accessibility, safety, hygiene, habitability and energy efficiency.

Through a network of local agents involved in the programme, non-structural work and home repairs (mainly bathroom and kitchen refurbishment) are carried out and technical aids (assisted devices) installed so beneficiaries can enjoy greater functional autonomy and quality of life at home.

Currently, 200 local councils participate in the programme (66% of all councils in the Barcelona area), which carry out 2,000 refurbishments a year. Municipal social services are responsible for identifying homes and people that meet the requirements to participate in the programme.

In this operational governance model, Barcelona County Council is the institution that promotes, coordinates, manages and finances the programme by contracting a company specialising in functional adaptation of homes, which is responsible for managing the intervention projects. The interventions are executed by building companies contracted by this institution.

More information on the web page of the programme (in Spanish)

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