Historic Milestone: UN States recommend UN Convention to protect Human Rights in Old Age

AGE Platform Europe applauds the groundbreaking consensus reached at the 14th session of the United Nations – Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG). For the first time UN member states recommended (among other measures) a legally binding instrument – a convention – to promote, protect and ensure the recognition and realization of all human rights of older persons.

“It is high time that we decide on opening negotiations at the United Nations on a new internationally legally binding instrument to protect and promote the human rights of all older persons and we are ready to do our part both here and in Geneva.”

“Human rights know no age limits and must be guaranteed throughout life, equally for older people as for other age groups. EU Member States can no longer remain passive supporters of the rights of older persons; they must finally become active advocates for equal rights of older persons and lead the rally for for a new UN convention that equally guarantees human rights in old age.”

“Ageism not only drives violations, but it also makes these violations seem natural or inevitable. Older people cannot rely on the current human rights system to claim their rights, because it is conceptually limited, biased and perpetuates a justice gap. The absence of concrete standards to challenge ageism, makes the manipulation of rights in old age too elastic and refutable”.



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