GrandExpertS: Start of a new learning programme for seniors in Germany

grandexperts_logo During the last weeks of January 2019 BAGSO, the German National Association of Senior Citizens’ Organisations, started a series of face to face meetings for older people in Gelsenkirchen. The meetings are part of the project „GrandExpertS“ aiming to empower older adults with specific knowledge and experience to develop digital learning content by themselves.

During the next three mounth participants from 5 countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Poland and the Netherlands), will follow a blended learning programme – developed by the University Erlangen-Nuremberg Innovation in Learning Institute Fürth 8ILI), Germany, Coordinator of the ERASMUS+project.

The first training in Germany was organized by BAGSO in partnership with ILI and the „Generationennetz Gelsenkirchen“. The partnership was a success and BAGSO was pleased with the high motivation of the older experts who took part in the first face-to face meeting!

> Read more on GrandExpertS the project website

> More information in German on BAGSO website

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