Giraffplus project: Smart homes technology tested in real homes

Giraff-Plus-logo The aim of GiraffPlus, an FP7-funded project led by researchers at Örebro University, Sweden is to promote safer and healthier ageing at home using technological assisting devices which enable to monitor an older people’s health on a continuous basis. Information such as blood pressure, body temperature, movement, fall, are collected through sensors and analysed by a ‘intelligent’ system which alerts the caregivers in case of emergencies. GIRAFFplus This system can also be used for long-term assessment of the patient’s health and for virtual visits of relatives or caregivers at an older person’s home. At the heart of the system is a unique telepresence robot, Giraff, which lends its name to the project. The robot uses a Skype-like interface to allow e.g. relatives or caregivers to virtually visit an elderly person in the home.

The system has already been tested in a demo apartment in Örebro, but the next step is for researchers in Sweden, Italy and Spain to evaluate the new technology in real homes. The GiraffPlus system will be tested in 15 different homes in the three countries.

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