Germany’s older persons call for mobilization and say ‘Yes to Europe’!

BAGSO logo As the EU elections are getting closer, the Federal Association of Senior Citizens’ Organisations (BAGSO) calls on all voters to vote for a united and democratic Europe on 26 May, in saying “YES to Europe”: We older people know: The European elections give us the opportunity to participate in decisions about the future of Europe. It is up to us whether Europe can unfold its potential or whether it falls back into egocentric nationalism.”

In a press statement, BAGSO insists on developing Europe for the people of all generations. The future of all, including the older generation, depends to a large extent on the well-being of future generations. We want children and their families to be well off. As a representative of the interests of older generations, BAGSO also calls for better protection of the rights of older people. This applies, for example, to protection against violence, to ensuring needs-based support and care, and to social security.

Read BAGSO press release in German and view this video (‘Europa ist die Geschichte unseres Lebens’ – ‘Europe is the story of our lives’) and futher resources on BAGSO website.

Read this article in English on AGE EP blog

Read BAGSO Manifesto for the EU elections

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