Fundamental Rights Forum calls to action to help make human rights a reality for all

FRA_Forum2018_Chair_statement At a time of widening social divisions and increasingly polarised politics across Europe, over 700 human rights champions came together at the Fundamental Rights Forum in Sptember to deliver concrete calls to action that could help protect human rights in Europe. These calls have been captured in the Chair’s Statement 2018 published on 24 October. This Statement outlines some calls to action that were voiced by the many and varied participants that attended the event. It includes a compilation of headline action points for FRA, EU Institutions, EU Member States, and others, to work with to help make a difference.

The Chair’s statement includes some interedting references to older people, in particular it recognizes:

  • ​the need to protect human rights at local level, for example, when local authorities provide support to older people;
  • that funds should be made available for community liaison officers, social workers or other mediators to facilitate access to public services for those who may be unaware of their rights and entitlements, especially marginalised groups such as Roma or older people;​
  • that EU Member States should explore practical means of supporting and empowering older persons in the use of information and communications technologies, in order to ensure that they are not left behind and excluded from the benefits of new technologies.

More information on FRA website

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