Flemish Council of the Elderly calls for employment and better social policies for older people in Belgium

The Flemish Council of the Elderly has published its policy advice for the preparation of the Belgian National Reform Programme. The document analyses of the country-specific recommendations for Belgium and advises on the measures that should be taken at federal and regional level with regard to employment, pensions, care and poverty.

The Flemish Council of the Elderly focuses, among others, on the improvement of the lower pensions and the effectiveness of social benefit systems for older people, the creation of more and better quality jobs for older workers, and the need for a strategy for the future of long-term care in Flanders. With regard to the country-specific recommendations, the Flemish Council of the Elderly demands a stronger focus on poverty and the adequacy of pensions in the Belgian country-specific recommendations, and deplores its reduced attention for the position of older people on the labour market in Belgium.

The position paper on the National Reform Programme for Belgium can be found here.

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