‘Fit & Mobile 77+’: sport training programme for retirement home residents in Austria

Fit & Mobile 77+ progr -image ‘Fit & Mobile 77’ is a specific physical training programme to improve older people’s endurance and balance, set up by the retirement home group SeneCura in Vienna, Austria. The programme is one of the winners of the ORPEA Excellence Awards celebrated in Paris in January 2017. Implemented in 15 retirement homes in Austria, this programme aims to address age-related functional and mobility limitations and muscular loss that increase the risks of frailty and falls. Physical exercices are complemented with physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nutritional advice.

Positive effects have been achieved on the mobility, nutrition, physical conditions, confidence, daily activities and autonomy of the residents, as well as on their social interactions, since the inhabitants of the village also have a free access to the residence fitness center, thus promoting both physical and mental well-being.

Visit the web page of the programme here (in German)

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