Finnish pensioners urge ministers to take steps for the human rights of older people

In Finland older people are joining forces to call for a stronger legal framework to protect older people’s rights.

Elakeliitto-FinnishPensionerOrganisation_logo Led by the Finnish Pensioners’ Federation a joint petition of several organisations representing pensioners and older people was sent to Finnish ministers of Justice, Foreign Affairs, Family and Family Services and Social Affairs and Health last January.

The organisations are concerned by the passivity of Finland towards the work of the United Nations’ Open-Ended Working Group Ageing (OEWG) taking place on 3-6 April in New-York. The organisations appeal ministers to promote the establishment of a human rights treaty for older people.

Unfortunately, Finland had not appointed any representative to the 13th Session of the UN working group. Despite of this -and precisely because of this- Finnish Pensioners’ Federation and other organisations representing the pensioners and the older people in Finland will continue to advocate for stronger universal legal instruments to protect our rights in old age.

A new Parliament of Finland was elected on 2nd of April. In the context of this election, the Finnish Pensioners’ Federation has been campaigning for the human rights of older people.

Finland must actively tackle age discrimination by developing both the national and international legal frameworks. The ultimate goal is the adoption of an international human rights convention on the human rights of older persons.

Nobody should lose his/her human rights because he/she is growing older!

Read the joint statement

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