Final report ERPB informal working group on Accessibility

ERPB_Final_report_WG_accessibility_Nov2018-cover Easy access to retail payments is important to support economic prosperity and growth and to foster consumers’ financial inclusion. While the digitalisation of retail payment services can help reduce cost for providers and improve speed and user-friendliness for many consumers, there is a growing number of consumers faced with barriers that prevent them from accessing these payment services. In particular, this concerns older persons and persons with disabilities, but also other vulnerable groups.

This report contains the analyses conducted by the ERPB informal Working Group on Accessibility of accessibility issues encountered in different EU countries. It contains ’best practice’ solutions that have already been implemented to solve some of these issues and looks whether solutions are missing for some issues mentioned.

The accessibility issues of digital retail payments was brought on the agenda of the Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB) by AGE Platform Europe, as member of the informal Working Group on Accessibility, with the strong support of the Dutch National bank. The Euro Retail Payments Board, a high level group multi-stakeholder group set up by the European Central Bank to help foster the development of an integrated, innovative and competitive market for retail payments in euro in the European Union.

Download the report here

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