Experiencing Hate Speech: Responses, Coping Strategies & Interventions


The EU-funded project SDD – Smart for Democracy and Diversity has published the Compendium “Experiencing Hate Speech: Responses, Coping Strategies & Interventions”, based on various interviews with people who experienced hate speech and on national reports from the project’s partners.

Since most of the applied and academic research about hate speech and hate crimes focuses on the perpetrator´s perspective, this compendium emphasizes the views of individuals, who are affected by those actions. By analysing real cases of hate speech and racism and giving voice to different people affected by hate speech, the compendium also shows concrete options for action in these situations – not only for the so-called “victims” but also for witnesses of hate speech.

The SDD Compendium is available here in English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

As partner of the project, AGE contributed to the compedium. Read more on the SDD project and our involvement

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