‘Experiences for Life’ brings together students and older persons with dementia in Spain

Tablas para la vida Spain pictureThe programme “Experiences for Life” run by the Spanish organisation SEPAD – a service created by the Government of Extremadura to prevent and address dependency – aims to facilitate ‘intergenerational therapy’ exchanges between young students and older residents in care centers, with a focus on residents suffering from dementia, especially Alzheimer’s.

Based on the conviction that generational relationships are therapeutic and contribute to the person’s welfare, this initiative was first carried out in the 2013-2014 school year with 14-15 year-old students and ended in the last week of June with a camp involving 16-17 year-old high school students.

The objective is manifold but mainly focuses on developing emotional competence among the younger and older generations and a better understanding of one another, while strengthening older persons’ dignity and wellbeing.

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