Examples of good practices on the promotion of the rights of older persons by the EU

AGE Platform Europe and the European Commission replied to the Independent Expert’s call for good practices for the protection of older persons across the world.

The Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons, Ms. Rosa Kornfeld-Matte, has prepared a questionnaire to identify examples of how the existing national and international law promotes the rights of older persons. Member States, international and regional organizations, civil society, associations of older persons, national human rights institutions (NHRIs), academia, research institutions, and private sector were asked to send relevant good practices.

AGE Platform Europe disseminated the Expert’s call widely and some of our members replied individually selecting national examples. In our response we highlighted initiatives taken at European level, including the EU-funded projects Eustacea and WeDO, our online self-advocacy handbook, the Council of Europe recommendation on the rights of older persons and the ratification by the EU of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.While the EU has certainly undertaken a number of other initiatives aiming to improve the quality of life of older people and tackle the challenges related to demographic ageing, we handpicked some projects, legislation and soft instruments that in our view adopt a strong rights-based approach.

The submission by the European Commission puts in the spotlight the European Innovation Partnership, the Active Ageing index and the directive for equal treatment in employment and occupation among others.

You may read the contributions by AGE, the EU and other stakeholders on thewebsite of the Independent Expert.

For more information you may contact Nena Georgantzi, Policy Officer,nena.georgantzi@age-platform.eu

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