How do we tackle ageism and age discrimination? – AGE capacity-building seminar

AGE_capacity-building_seminar-Jun2019- poster

AGE Platform is co-organising a capacity building seminar together with EQUINET, the European Network of Equality Bodes on the topic of ageism and age-discrimination of older people. The seminar will be hosted by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency.

What are equality bodies? Learn more about the equality body in your country by visiting the webpage of EQUINET here.

The main objective of this seminar is to build the capacity of national equality bodies and organisations of older people in their work to tackle age discrimination against older people in their respective countries.

By introducing the topic and exploring how to define age discrimination against older people and the term ‘’ageism’’ more specifically, the participants will get a better idea of the existing legal framework, concepts and discover possible gaps and opportunities. Age-discrimination occurs in different fields of life, and the participants will have the chance to discuss the various challenges that older people face and how these should be addressed.

This seminar is a unique opportunity for equality bodies and organisations of older people, two important actors, to gather and elaborate how they can join forces and work together to build inclusive societies for all ages.

This seminar connects very well with the work AGE has been leading through the #AgeingEqual campaign, a 70-day campaign against ageism on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The campaign which reminded us that rights do not diminish with age has already shed light on various examples of ageism: in our language, in our laws, in health policies, in court decisions, and in statistics, to name but a few. It gathered the testimonies and life stories of older women who dare, of people struggling as they age in a host country, of older gay people determined not to go back to the closet, of self-advocates ageing with dementia and activists of the intergenerational cause.

Contact person for the seminar: Tanja Sheikhi, Junior Policy Officer,

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