Global Intergenerational Week


Organised by Generations Working Together, the Global Intergenerational Week@will bring together 15 countries from around the world to celebrate intergenerational exchanges and solidarity.

The week-long campaign explores a new theme each day, all focused on bringing generations together and promoting understanding and collaboration between people of all ages:

  • Day 1 (24/04) : Let’s Raise Intergenerational Awareness
  • Day 2 (25/04): Let’s Build Intergenerational Partnerships
  • Day 3 (26/04): Let’s Combat Loneliness and Social Isolation
  • Day 4 (27/04): Let’s Celebrate Intergenerational Spaces and Communities
  • Day 5 (28/04): Let’s Break Down Age Barriers
  • Day 6 (29/04): EU day – Solidarity between Generations
  • Day 7 (30/04): Campaign Round-Up

Vist the event website to learn more, sign up and get involved

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