Equality and participation in older age: What role for social protection and education? – AGE Annual Conference


AGE Platform Europe Annual Conference 2019 will take place at a crucial moment regarding the European and international agenda on the rights of older persons. The European Elections in May 2019 may bring radical changes to the political landscape of Europe. At international level, the United Nations Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing has recently completed its 10th session, discussing the new topics of access to social protection and of the right to education and life-long learning of older persons; all while determining legal elements of the right to long-term care and palliative care and the right to autonomy and independence. The Sustainable Development Goals, setting social and environmental targets for developing and industrialised countries are providing another relevant framework for social progress between 2015-2030

In light of those changing contexts, our Annual Conference 2019 will reflect on the rights of older persons and how to enhancing equal participation of older persons in society. In particular, we will seek to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What could be expected from the next European legislature?
  • How to ensure no one falls between the cracks of social protection in old age?
  • How to ensure an effective right to education for older adults?

Participation in this event is upon invitation only. Are you interested to attend? Please contact AGE secretariat at info@age-platform.eu

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