Conference on the present and future of EU policy for older persons

In the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the EU, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is holding a half-day conference  to discuss and present the political avenues for a European strategy for older people. The conference will focus on the economic and demographic potential of active ageing, as well as on the social and human rights aspects, drawing on the lessons and policy tools that have succeeded in supporting other groups at risk of exclusion across Europe.

Aim of the conference:

  • to explore policy tools and responses to the specific social and economic challenges faced by older people;
  • to disseminate the proposals made by the EESC in its relevant opinions on this topic.

More specific issues to be addressed at the conference:

  • how European older people’s movements view the progress achieved so far;
  • presentation of current and future challenges;
  • recommendations for future European policy measures.
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